5Dii Camera settings for action photography 70-200

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Re: 5Dii Camera settings for action photography 70-200

jackpro wrote:

I had to shoot some action today (the photog who was supposed to do it broke his leg & asked me to cover) I own 2x 5Dii & don't usually shoot action ever aside from the odd catwalk type shot which I wouldn't consider very challenging. This shoot today was a flying fox. I did a bit of research & found some inteesting tips which I "tested" today, which means I changed my camera settings based on this advice & shot the whole job like that. I know I must be crazy but I do random things like this if the advice seems good. In a nut shell it went very well. So I thought I would share as all my searching in these forums came up with "nada".

1. Select AF Centre point only.
2. Select AI Servo mode.

3. C.FN IV: Operation/Others set #1 to "3:AE lock/Metering + AF start" and #2 to "1:Enable"
4. C.Fn III-7: AF point area expansion: 1 Enable
5. Continuous Drive.

6. Use the back-button focusing AF-On on the back of the camera to focus, the shutter button does not activate focusing anymore.

The advantage to using this setup is you are able to jam your thumb on the focus button & when your tracking the subject you can nail the frame just when your background looks as best as you can hope for.

The best link I found was http://melissajill.com/blog.cfm?postID=690&f-a-q-back-button-focusing .
The expansion bit I found somewhere else (I forget)!

My subjects were moving pretty fast. I was using a 580exII which didn't cycle that well inspite of having a battery booster attached, I probably had that plugged in the wrong port anyway, I got pretty good reults considering it was a very challenging assignment.
I can't share photos yet as they are with an agency.
Anyway give this a try! I intend to use this technique on my next wedding!

Anybody else using this technique?

What would change with the 5d Mark III, based on steps 1-6?

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