The LX7 is miles ahead of LX5, XZ-2, etc

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Re: The LX7 is ahead of LX5, XZ-2, etc - X10...

Veducci wrote:

Obviously the OP is quite enamoured with his new LX7 and so am I. I`ve had all the previous versions and IMO this one is the best.

Of course I would dissagree that it`s miles ahead of the direct competition he mentioned but in many areas it certainly has it`s superior strengths as the others also do.

I see nothing wrong with his being so elated over his new camera as long as he understands others have the same feelings over their particular brand/model camera. His choice of words "miles ahead" invites rebuttals.

Yes, you are right, the "miles" is an exaggeration.  But this is the first of that series of cameras that I feel is really as it should be -- no defect, no ill-conceived feature.  Sure, it has some honest limitations (sensor size and 10MP), but within that design envelope, it is as well done as it could be.

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