Selling nex 7 for rx1?

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Re: Selling nex 7 for rx1?

Alphamale77 wrote:

To your main question: trade the Nex-7 with E24 for a RX-1?

  • Not here: lenses last longer than bodies, and the quality of the E24 is astonishingly high.
  • The RX-1 adds the FF experience to this FOV - ie. low noise and different DOF.
  • I really would like the PDAF solution on a RX-1. 

yea, that's where the urge came from after reading his post, i love that butterfly shot.

Full Frame versus APS-C.

I was surprised to hear the Rx1 still living with cd type focus, i would thought sony brought over the 6 and 5r stuff over.

This is the biggest negative about the RX-1 - focusing will be identical to the Nex-7 in terms of CDAF and so will focus misses. But slow and inaccurate CDAF focusing didn't stop the Fujifilm X100 from being successful either (but it has an OVF).

The RX-1 24Mp sensor is a winner imo, and better than the 36Mp D800 version (I care about low noise more than high resolution). Both D800 and D600 (RX-1) sensors were developed pre-PDAF and I guess we will have to wait and see if PDAF will make it to the FF sensor in a Nex-9 (I certainly hope so).

If PDAF shows up in an RX-2, I may pull the trigger, but by then I expect to be able to choose between Nex-9 or RX-2. To me, it is an ease-of-use factor, I tend to take pictures of family and have family take pictures with the camera - no need for them to understand DMF and so on.

i guess Rx2 would be the no brainier for me, after they put in an evf and a better resolution back lcd. (hardware limits)

There is an add-on EVF for the RX-1, expensive and bulky, but HQ.

Did you own the 7 +24 zeiss combo? care to share some samples?

Use the DPreview search archives - it will find all camera+lens combo's that you specify.

  • Click on Sample Images on top of your screen
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