your bet on when new d800 firmware drops and contents?

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Re: I just want photos taken in Live View to write to the BUFFER and NOT the CF card.

earlgreyhot wrote:

no one is disregarding anythin. chill the bleep out. if its taking 6 seconds to write a file, you have a slow card. we are all aware of the zero LV buffer limitation.

Are we? Please tell us who is "we".

"We" here in Sweden are all aware of a 3 seconds delay in live view between images in raw and even you should experience the same. That is... assuming you are not doing the same mistake Nikon Sweden did when I reported this bug originally. To confirm my bug report they put the camera in Live View and CH, tested and reported back that there is no problem, the D800 fires off at 4fps. Just that they forgot one tiny issue... which is that in Live View, CH mode is pointless because there is no view finder image between the shots, unlike in shots taken with the OVF. The way you normally use live view is single shot mode. Try that and you will see that there is about a 3 second delay between shots, even if you switch off the preview, because after each shot the camera will write to the memory card, instead of writing to the buffer and returning to the live view while emptying the buffer to the memory. This is the way it supposed to work, but it does not. So please, tell us who is "we"... I and Nikon Sweden (also Japan now) are definitely not part of your "we" definition.

...and BTW, I am using a fast card, SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s SDHC I type. Yes I agree, 6 seconds is a bit too much, so he probably is using something slower than I do.

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