EOS-M : Finally built my "Frankenstein Camera" with Ring Flash (PICS)

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Re: EOS-M : Why some people "Don't Get It" (Comparison PICS)

I'm happy for your  enjoyment of the camera. I was actually thinking of  getting one myself, until I started reading the specs, so lets see:


1. very small size with good picture quality - comparable to DSLR, can accept most Canon lenses with the adapter

and that's all I can't think off.


no flash, no VF, very limited "small lens" selection, expensive, especially considering how bare bone this camera is, slow AF  etc. etc.

Add flash and DSLR lens to it and it's only advantage (size) evaporates like snow in summer.

And you still don't have VF to help see anything in Sun and no dedicated buttons.

Your mercury poisoning comment was uncalled for and beyond stupid and I leave it at that. But for the sake of argument show me another forum on this site dedicated to one camera model only. There is non. So why dedicated forum for this particular cam? There is absolutely nothing revolutionary about EOS-M, it doesn't even have 650D's hybrid sensor to speed up AF, changing lenses concept has been around for ages etc.

Funny you mentioned silent shutter, my cheap phone camera has silent shutter also (how is that for wow factor?), but they added artificial sound, I guess to prevent certain people from taking pictures of others without them being aware of it? Personally I don't care much, but it's nice to hear click and know the camera did fire. You're right, you're not going to convince me and I'm not going to convince you, but what a great chance for Canon to improve future models in this line, without even trying hard,like putting 650D hybrid sensor to speed up AF and bingo another revelation, it will be not.

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