Panny FZ200, Canon G15 or ?: low light horse shows in barn

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Re: Panny FZ200, Canon G15 or ?: low light horse shows in barn

rayman 2 wrote

No its not...... try the OM-D with the blinding fast new 75mm lens... thats a whole lot smallerand works well... I tried it in low light theater it also has IBIS (stabiliser)..

Sorry if I hacked up the quote above...

BUT the problem I have with m4/3 is the lack of a good tele zoom.  If the 75mm works that's great, but otherwise there aren't that many good options.  Panny has a slew of 50-200'ish zooms then a 100-300 but I think they are all like f4-5.6 which probably won't cut it for low-light shots, even with image stabilization.

Panny's new 35-100 f2.8 is a step in the right direction, but they really need a 100-200 f2.8 or the ability to use the existing one with a teleconverter as even f4 would be better than current options.  And - at $1k plus cost is an issue.

If you're content shooting primes and the offered ranges match up with what you need then yeah some of the new m4/3 body and lens offerings are very compelling.

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