OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

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Re: for the fanbois ...

Well, I am no fanboy of neither Olympus nor Panasonic. But since I a couple of months ago bought a very nice used G-2, a 14-42 and a 40-150 for a small amount of money (some 350USD) I have definitely bacome a fan of the micro 4/3 system. I have been a Pentax-user, and still am, but I think on not very long term I am going to sell all my Pentax stuff and buy more m4/3 lenses. Some of those nice primes. I might keep my FA 50 mm 1,4, and FA 135mm 2,8 for my m4/3.

And to the question. I am for sure going to buy myself one more body (I also have the small beauty GF-3 with the very nice Panasonic 14 2,5. Well everything with my G-2 is well... but not the sensor. I also of natural reasons have a Pentax K-5... much better sensor but much heavier and not so precise autofocus. Strangely enough the G-2 is much more precisely. And the question is... which new body.

I must admit there are 3 candidates; G-5, OMD, or GH3. I do no much filming. But I do have some old primes. I also do have a GF-3 and a G-2. But I was heavy in to the old Olympus-OM-system a lot of years ago. I like the design of the OMD, I like the in body stabilisation and I am shure I am going to hate the menus. And the sensor of the OMD is newer....But the menu of the G-5 is better for me, and a lot else is just perfect. But I am going for OMD for my next camera, but not for some crazy fanboy reasons. I might even buy a G-5 on the used market, when the prize has lowered. I have been playing with one, and it is a very nice little camera,... and much cheaper than the OMD. At least in my country Norway.

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