Is this typical for Nikon repair service?

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Your experience sucks at best. I am personally peeved about this as the bodies I own are all starting to show some signs of wear... My D300's grips are still attached but two of the bodies will need at least the right front and rear thumb grips replaced most likely this coming year. Additionally, my D3s may need to have it's grips replaced as well.

I think it's completely silly to have to ship 3 camera bodies in, pay for the shipping, insurance, packaging, etc and wait a couple of weeks (?) for each body to be "repaired" for a job that I have done in the past on my own in less than a day and at a minimal cost. (I've replaced grips on a D200 and D300 previously.)

Furthermore, I find it in poor taste (for lack of better words) that nikon does not sell grips like they used to forcing customers to package/insure/ship/wait on their bodies to go back and forth to their repair facilities. What is the big deal? Has Nikon become so hungry for $$$ that they now feel the need to ruin their customer base?

[rant off]


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