OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

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Re: for the fanbois ...

I repeat it because the questionebtween these camera's comes up regularly. No reason to change nor withhold it. I had no problem with exposing right. It did not matter how exposed, Gh2 could not get the the low ligth and highlight areas as good as my EPL5 did. I have underexposed and overexposed, exposed on the highlight item (as it could not get a focus on the lowlight).  Gh2/G5 are simply not as good here as an EPL5/OMD.

It has got zero to do with being a fanbiy. This is my first Oly cam, I have had three paansonic (2 m43s and FZ50) before this. it is precisely the opposite. I am not a fan of any brand or camera, so I am unbiased but simply say what I found in reallife and with tests. Otoh: you do not have an MD or EPl5 but you do claim you have comapred more than me, one who has both camera's. it just shows how eager you are to make others think your judgement is valid or as valid. In my view, it is not. The people who have used both camera's, reviewers and users alike are much more likely to give an opinion on both than someone who is onlyusing one of them. Mostof all if that person has strongly deviating findings and seems to be on some sort of crucade to for his camera.

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