OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

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Re: So how's the auto-WB and Jpgs ?

Goffen wrote:

Any improvements over the G1/G2 ? (That i have owned)

And the VF has that improved ?

Also does the g5 support remote flash control ?

I have an e-m5, but i'd like a built in flash (controller), and i do like the panny formfactor.


Hmm. I thought the e-m5 did remote flash controll with Olympus' new FL600R flash... (Looked it up in the e-m5's manual - pg 97 seems to indicate that it does...). I bought the FL600R for my G5 (because the new and not yet available  Panasonic FL360L flash is its twin) and I know the G5 does NOT support remote flash. The GH3 does (which I will likely eventually get). The Olympus FL600R flash DOES support remote flash with the right camera, but OTHERWISE it works great with the G5.

Comparing the G5's white balance to my 5DII, it's pretty good. In a long shoot with flash, the G5 completely blew the white balance a couple of times (maybe 1% of the shots - operator error? Probably!), but I shoot raw so it was no big deal. I printed about 120 5x7's on my Epson 4880 using shots from both cameras and the output from G5/FL-600R was absolutely great

The viewfinder on the g5 is really nice- very usable. I've never really used an electronic view finder - always optical before. I find it very helpful in bright sunlight when the screen is basically useless. It's quite sharp and very helpful - 100% view, too!

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