A-mount mirrorless dropped from Sony's roadmap!

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Re: A-mount mirrorless dropped from Sony's roadmap!

Dennis wrote:

Smartypants wrote:

The website/blog that specializes in rumor and speculation this morning has dropped a new bombshell by rumoring that Sony has dropped the much hoped-for A-mount mirrorless from its roadmap.

"Bombshell" suggests a surprise. Did you ever see a Sony roadmap that said they'd produce an A-mount mirrorless ? There wasn't a roadmap, there was a rumor. So Sony didn't drop something from a roadmap; the rumor proved false. At least as far as anyone knows.

This is the second big disappointment lobed at Sony A-mount fans this week and its only Tuesday.

The disappointment should be for SAR fans, not Alpha fans.

As some may recall, Friday the rumor-mill at SAR had concluded Friday that although the Sony roadmap had been changed by management

I think SAR makes up a lot of cr*p to explain the rumors it gets.

Speculation is now again raging whether Sony is going to continue to support the A-mount with new full-frame cameras or is Sony going to do what so many have believed and let the A-mount die and if so, what does this mean for the E-mount and further full-frame cameras from Sony.

Where is this speculation raging ? They just released a $2800 FF body and a $13000 lens.


a. There's no actual news here of anything... and there wasn't any actual news before.

b. The SLT mirror doesn't bother me - I'm in no hurry for Sony to get rid of it.

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