Michigan "Right to Work" law .... A Christmas gift to the working class.

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Michigan "Right to Work" law .... A Christmas gift to the working class.


Nice to see we finally have a Governor that cares about the people.  8 years of Granholm running the state and it's economy into the ground was horrible.  Now we have a gov't that sees value in it's people, and wants to protect their employment.

Being forced to pay union dues, to stay employed, is a joke that's gone on far too long.

Turning emergency workers away because they aren't "union" won't be happening in MI.

Rick Snyder saw last election how the Michigan voters are against the unions and he is doing something about it... just like 23 other states before.

And wth:


Who the hell cares what Obama thinks... let him worry about gay marriage and poorly run health care.... let the states worry about their people.  He sure doesn't.

That's almost half the country.... and of course Obama stands against the states making their own choices, so he goes around badmouthing the governors.

Well... half of our country... but only 42% of the 57 Muslim states Obama likes to call us.

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