Do all steadycams have the floating effect?

Started Dec 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP compositor20 Senior Member • Posts: 1,653
Re: Practice on technique

after seeing more videos I think its the slightly less than perfect calibration that makes the effect...

its the yaw and pitch like the camera is diving slightly and in post you add a slow motion and you have the effect... so I think the cheapest steadycam would do... I only miss the way flycam nano 3000 and such can be put on a stable surface and they act as a tripod too...

by the way why in the punch of the steadycam when they are demonstrating the steadycam they move the punch/grip in a rolling effect but the camera doesn´t move... Is it to show that it was perfeclty calibrated? Do those cheap steadycam have an effect that I have seen with flycam nano where you can rotate the camera so that the camera spins around like in a spinning top?

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