Again D600 price drop in Europe. Why?

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Re: Again D600 price drop in Europe. Why?

olyflyer wrote:

Lift Off wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

Lift Off wrote:

Various online stores now have it for around 1599€.

I wonder if it is a good time to buy one, or if the price will come down a bit more still...

If you are waiting long enough the camera will be replaced. The D600 is a consumer body and most (if not all) are replaced after one year. The price drop will continue until the camera is replaced. Wait or enjoy the camera. Your decision.

Huh? 1 year, really...?

Huh? Yes, really.

2009: D3000 and D5000
2010: D3100
2011: D5100
2021: D5200 and D3200

Avarage is about 1.33x a year for each consumer DX series. The D7000 is an exception, but we don't really know if that camera will ever be replaced. The D600 is a consumer model and my guess is that it will be replaced next year.

How about looking at the release dates of the D80, D90 and the "exception" D7000? These are much more close to what the D600 is, whatever you want to call it.

Also, the D600 is a bit like the D700 (i.e. the first of it's kind), so I wouldn't be so quick with predictions.

My point: the replacement of the D600 is much more closer to 2 years than 1.

Thom Hogan has hinted at a FX price redution on the 15th, but I'm guessing it only applies to the US, right?

Wrong. Christmas is celebrated outside the US as well, and it is not hard to guess a price drop, not only on FX, but on every other product as well. Then there will be one more drop after Christmas.

"Hard to guess"?

No, it is "NOT hard to guess" is what I have written.

Typo. Sorry.

The price in Europe has been dropping continuously since the D600 was launched...

Right. Same for the D800. I paid about 20% more than what I'd have to pay today if I wouldn't have bought it in September. Should I complain now?

This isn't about complaining.

Besides, the price in the US has been pretty much constant (I think there was a $100 drop, like 15 days ago, but no more), so they work pretty much parallel to each other.

I don't follow US prices but I am pretty sure the variation is more than $100.

I actually think it is not. (went from $2099 to $1999).

And anyway, thanks, but I already made my move...

Good news.


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