your bet on when new d800 firmware drops and contents?

Started Dec 10, 2012 | Questions thread
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I just want photos taken in Live View to write to the BUFFER and NOT the CF card.

One feature I loved about my d3 that I thought I wouldn't use much was live view.  Especially for landscapes and large family pictures on a tripod.  Pop the thing in Live view, zoom in, and ensure tack sharp focus.  Then fire away.

It was awesome.

Figured my D800 would be even better with 36MP, it was not.

What's up with the "fire a Shot and wait 3-6 seconds before Live View comes back".  For me, Live View is essentially worthless for still shooting on the D800.  Obviously it works well with video.

Everything else on my D800 works superior to my D3.  Focus is brilliant, the sensor is fantastic, haven't noticed any AF-C hiccups.

But live view for stills?  FAIL by Nikon.

I dunno, maybe I have some setting wrong, but I can see NO reason why anyone would purposely want their Live View set up the way mine is!

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