Possible 7D mkII Spec.

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Re: Possible 7D mkII Spec.

hjulenissen wrote:

40d_dane wrote:

Well, your fine historical perspective seem to ignore the fact that Canon has abandoned the MP-race for quite a few years now and have stayed around the 20MP mark for the last many cameras released be that FF or APS-C.

Good point. We dont know why they did, and the competition did otherwise.

It may be that Canon hit an R&D "dead end", that the PR-people informed R&D that they could sell cameras even without an increase in MP, that the technology used by Sony is safely guarded by patents, or a bunch of other reasons.

Canon has developed a 100+ MP APS-H sensor. They didn't turn that into a commercial product.

I have never said that 3MP was enough. I always wanted around 18-20 MP for detail.

Canon don't listen to "the crowd". They do proper market research and spend a lot of time and effort talking with knowledgeable pro's and that apparently turn your request for a monster MP camera into...

The 1Dx has less than 20 MP, three processors, an bulky battery, and shoot 12 FPS. Try to extrapolate that into a 76 MP camera. That's not a practical camera.

The 1Dx does not represent a market segment that is likely to receive the first 76MP FF sensor. A lot of its bulk, price, complexity seems to be targeted at those who shoot moving targets in poor light.

Sounds like the 1Dc, not the 1Dx. The 7D is a poor-mans 1DmkIV. The 7DmkII will be a poor-mans 1Dx, i.e. an APS-C action shooters camera.

I think that a fair view of history is that the sensel density have increased semi-steadily while DR, noise etc have also improved. We dont know what could have been if Canon & friends had stopped at 8MP or 15MP or whatever, but I dont think that it would have brought most of us any better pictures, rather slightly worse.

If I may extrapolate that, I would like to see 22MP or even 36MP in APS-C DSLR cameras whenever technology allows it without prohibitive cost, size, weight, camera response or anything else being very negatively affected. It is a matter of balancing contradictory traits until you find the magic mix that me and other are willing to pay for.


Dear julenisse, have you worked out at what aperture a 36 MP APS-C camera would be diffraction limited ? I wouldn't take any advice from anyone that claim that 36 MP on APS-C is worth while.

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