Help me scratch my macro itch

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Re: Help me scratch my macro itch

bvphotos wrote:

Have you tried the non-L 100mm macro?

No I haven't, but I suspect once you've gone IS you'd never want to go back for hand held work (even though it might only be a couple of steps worth up close).

What diffuser do you use?

I build my own out of the cardboard lids of hot food containers, with the silver on the inside. It's basically a cone which slips onto the flash head and holds a paper towel in front of it, so that the emitting area is more like 16-20 square inches close to the subject rather than 2 far away.

Incidentally, yesterday I tried some macro with my 50mm 1.4 lens reversed (I held it against the camera with my left hand. It's a pain in the rear to step down the aperture on the lens, then taking it out, reversing and taking a shot. And every one of my dozen or so shots turned out to be lousy, mostly out of focus.

That's pretty much the hardest way to do it.

Yes, I'm thinking that I need a real macro lens if I want to give this a second try. I'm tempted to get the Sigma 150mm (non OS version).

One thing to keep in mind when considering lenses is whether it's possible to support the end of the lens with the heel of your palm and hold the subject or the twig/leaf it's on with your fingers. Or to hold the end of the lens with your fingers and brace against a support with your wrist. I find the 100 on the limit of practicality for that, and I'd expect it would be impossible with anything much longer that doesn't go beyond 1:1. But if you're chasing flighty things, or mostly on a tripod...

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