16-80CZ vs 24-70CZ vs 16-50 on A77

Started Dec 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
Michael W00d Contributing Member • Posts: 891
Re: 16-80CZ vs 24-70CZ vs 16-50 on A77

Like some others above, my strong preference is for the 16-80CZ. The reason is its wider FL range, which makes it vastly more convenient in shooting situations where the subject matter is constantly changing, such as street photography. With the 16-50, when you run out of reach at 50mm you’ll obviously have to change up, and that probably means something like a 70-300mm. Apart from the impact of its bulk, the next thing you may well quickly find is a need to change back to something wider. With 80mm max one has much more flexibility.

I suggest that unless you really value f/2.8, the CZ16-80 is the clear winner.

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