AF performance D600 vs. D800

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Re: AF performance D600 vs. D800

ZAnton wrote:

I have Canon 50mm f/1.4, which is total crap. It focuses terribly. From thousands of photos with it I have 3-4 which are in focus (at f/1.8-2). At f/1,4 I have none in focus. I hope Nikon's 50G are better.

I don't know the Canon lens, but I have the Nikon 50/1.4G and is truly excellent. Maybe not a speed demon in terms of focus speed, but optically it is very nice.

I also had 24-105, which had broken after 6 month of VERY moderate and accurate use (AF motor broken), and I sold it as soon as I got it from service center. But I didn't like it anyway.

I have the 24-120/4 which is very fast in focusing, has VR and an nice IQ. It is not the lightest normal zoom, but truly useful with that range. The lens is not only nice for travel, but also for portraits, unless you really need something faster. The VR is very efficient as well, so the f/4 speed is not a big issue indoors unless your subjects are moving around too fast, in which case you must push the ISO up a bit, which isn't a problem with the D800.

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