6D owners: How does the 6D AF compare to the 40D?

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Re: Same question

Marcamera wrote:

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Hi 6D owners!

I currentlu own a 40D and am considering the 6D. Early reviews suggust great image quality and low ligth preformance, but what about the AF system? Is it good ENOUGH for me? Althoug I like the AF on the 5DIII and 7D, I am quite happy with the 9 point af system om my 40D. I now that the 11 point of the 6D is mor centered in the middle, than on my 40D, but apart from this; Is the 6D AF system better (or worse) than the 40D?



I had the same question on my mind.

I have 40D and yesterday purchased 6D. I wondered if 6D focusing is more sophisticated than 40D. Not sure if it is, probably not in decent light. In low light 6d may focus better, on the other hand it does not have assist light that 40D has (with a raised flash).

Having said that, I never had a focusing problem with 40D, never within reasonable expectations.

I purchased 6D mainly for FF, more pixels and low light capability. Video is of no interest to me, I have Canon XA H10. I tried video with DSLR but find its ergonomics completely beyond what I could live with, at least for a primary video camera. Sure, in a pinch I could use it and perhaps will, but its lack would not matter to me.


The 40D does have -

``Wide 9 point AF (all points are cross-type with the centre point having an additional f/2.8 sensitive cross-type sensor placed diagonally)''

but the high iso and FF, video of the 6D will make it a great camera for Aspc upgraders.

The WiFi live view will be interesting.

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