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Re: Real life test.

asterox101 wrote:

It's an interesting thought too - justify the investment. I read a comment of yours in another thread where you called the RX1 a "jewel". I agree with that sentiment in the sense that there are things one simply desires whether they make practical sense or not. The RX1 does seem to fit into that category (at least to me).

To justify an investment though. What do you mean by that? How does one even do that for a camera at all unless one is a professional and can tie a hard dollar and cent value to it?

It's an interesting question.

Indeed, it is an interesting question and there are several ways to look at it. I can only give you my personal opinion. In these days of advanced digital photography, cameras are so advanced that basically almost every camera is capable of taking good photos. Of course, there are better and there are less but for me there are no good or bad cameras and a good photographer can make every camera sing.

I am a photographer and the only way I judge a photograph is by its photography merits. it doesn't always have to have ultimate sharpness, nor excessive bokeh when not absolutely required like everyone seems to be obsessed about.

So to answer the question, to be honest  I can only talk for myself. Althou i am a pro that can tie hard dollars i still cant justify it because this budget, I can get a second OMD body + a 75mm 1.8 lens and a two weeks vacation in the USA. My choice is clear.

For others, everyone has to justify it for himself but one thing is sure. No one woul have a huge improvement in his pgotography jusy because he bought an RX1

I found this photo on flickr:


What struck me is that it's a nice capture. Low light. Angle of view gives context, particularly with the figure in the foreground - bit of a story there possibly. Neither person seems to notice the camera.

So there is the potential there for these requirements:

1. moderate wide angle

2. good low light capability

3. discreet

I saw this photo. Looks ok but with all due respect, there is  absolutely nothing there that one couldn't do witMyanmar RX100.

This would potentially cover a lot of mirrorless cameras including the RX1 but it might preclude a traditional DSLR with big lenses. Is this the sort of thing you mean by an image justifying a purchase or investment?

I mean these questions sincerely by the way. I'm not trying to pick an argument. I'm just interested in different opinions on these sorts of topics.

I perfectly understand and there is no clear answer because a lot of it depends on personal needs and preferences. As much as the RX1 is a great camera, not everyone can live with a fixed 35 mm fov and honestly, not everyone need a FF camera.

For me, flexibility and versatility is much more important than ultimate IQ therefore, I am not too attracted by this camera. Others may have different needs.

The RX1 is a camera that a good photographer can run with. But before running, one has to learn how to walk and from what I have seen, some of those who boughtAnn RX1 didn't even learn how to walk yet. This is how I see justifying.



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professional and can tie a hard dollar and
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