Raising the Sony Flash overheating issue again

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Re: Raising the Sony Flash overheating issue again

philbot wrote:

"Looking at the manuals for the F58AM, SB910 and METZ58AF2 how many shots on full power and how long to then wait for cooldown..

METZ 58AF2 - 15 Shots then 10 minutes between
SONY F58AM - 20 Shots then 10 minutes between
NIKON AB910 - 15 Shots then 10 minutes between"


or should I say hohohoho

as far as I inderstand these numbers they apply in immediate sequence, this is, firing off the next full power flash as soon as the ready-light lights up (and in addition probably, having batteries on full power level so minimum recycling times).

Having used flash quite intensively at events I'm wondering about the practical relevance as hardly full power (flash in manual mode) is needed. In really poor light I'd go to ISO800 (or higher when needed) and this should allow for good flash light in a range up to 10-12 meters with no need for the flash to work on full power. Probably when it's that dark the flash needs to be operated on full power, lens open and higher ISO over a longer period, then there's something pretty wrong with lighting conditions and/or setup and one flash only hardly would suffice as only light source.

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Cheers, Michael Fritzen

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