OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

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Re: OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

Rombo wrote:

You might want to look again. There is also a test at ISO6400.

Thanks for pointing that out.

There is no such thing as a typical G5 user but there are quite some users that are a bit annoyed by the EM5 fans and their songs about the OMD.

Allow me to remind you of the facts here. When the E-M5 came it, it was roundly praised in reviews across the web. I picked mine up at the end of April and felt like the reviews were warranted. As the months dragged on, more reviews came out, with practically all of them declaring the E-M5 the clear leader of the MFT class of cameras. For whatever reason, DXO took their time testing the E-M5, but when they finally got around to it, their tests confirmed what all of the other serious reviewers had been saying for months - the E-M5 outclassed every other MFT camera that had come before it.

Now, those are simply the facts. Is that a song? Well, if it is, it's a song that's based on facts, rather than one that's based on wishful thinking.

During these months from the E-M5's release through to the DXOLab test of its sensor, a chorus of Panasonic fanboys, used to lording it over Olympus users, with their substandard processors and image quality, argued long and hard that the E-M5 had not surpassed the GH2, GH1, GX1, whatever. Even as evidence mounted, they held out hope that their prejudices would be confirmed by someone - maybe by DXO, at the very end of the saga.

Now, that's a song based on wishful thinking. As I see it, these same fanboys are still singing the same song. The G5, a perfectly capable camera that no one should feel ashamed of owning, failed to leapfrog the E-M5, in terms of dynamic range and high ISO ability. This is to be expected, since the E-M5 used a brand new, more advanced sensor, while the G5 used a sensor that was several years old with slight updating in the meantime.

Not content with owning very capable cameras, some G5 owners seem intent on claiming that their G5s deliver the same quality of images as the E-M5s do. Again, a song based on wishful thinking.

Enjoy your camera - it's a good one. But there's really no reason to get involved into a silly contest that you're guaranteed to lose - unless you've got an ego deficiency to compensate for.


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