OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

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Re: OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

texinwien wrote:

Rombo wrote:

Kim is not the first one who did a test like this. Amin presented the results of a similar test in August in the mu-43 forum using RAW-Therapee as processor (no g5 support in ACR at that time)

A test like what? What Kim's done isn't a test, it's more of a joke.

The result is basically the same. For practical purpose no difference when working with RAW between G5 and EM5.

First off, Amin's test is different - not only is he testing something different (image quality at ISO 200), he's also not applying arbitrary post-processing to the files, which he then claims is 'equivalent.'

It should be noted that unlike here there was no screaming and shouting after this test.

I don't see any screaming or shouting here, either.

Point: I think the G5 is a fine camera. I recommend it to friends who are looking for a smaller interchangeable lens camera with an integrated viewfinder and/or who have a limited budget, or who are more amateurs than enthusiasts. I want to be clear here, I think the G5 would also make a fine camera for an enthusiast, and also for someone with a more generous budget. I think I'd be satisfied with the image quality of a G5, as a matter of fact.

That doesn't change the fact that the E-M5 has slightly more dynamic range and performs slightly better at higher ISOs. Admitting that fact is not tantamount to claiming that the G5 is a piece of junk. It's simply accepting the truth, which is that both cameras offer very good image quality, with the E-M5 being slightly ahead in dynamic range and high ISO performance. The E-M5 leads its class, so it's not a badge of dishonor for the G5 to be slightly behind the class leader.

What bugs me are the G5 owners who just can't stand to admit that their camera may not have surpassed the class leader. Some kind of weird ego issue, I guess.


Hi Tex,

I actually think that the problems for many who do not use the E-M5 are the often ridiculous claims made by some who do. I do not have a horse in the race between the G5 and the E-M5 and I think most users would agree with your conclusion that the E-M5 has “slightly” more DR and “slightly” better high ISO performance, probably just under a one stop difference. Alas way too many E-M5 posters make rather more optimistic claims, such as it being as good as the D800. To me it is this group of E-M5 users who provoke a lot of the discontent. As far as they are concerned comparisons with “other” mFT cameras {the, models not made by God } are unacceptable. I see claims about the “huge” difference between the E-M5 and other top mFT cameras regularly, while as with you I have no problem acknowledging that there is a difference, the difference is not huge, it is these type of wild claims that get folks backs up


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