picture IQ........RX100 VS RX1

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Re: picture IQ........RX100 VS RX1

There is no doubt that the RX1 has a stunning IQ and I don't think that you need test samples to be convinced.

What people are doing with this IQ and who really needs it, that is a different question.

I come from a similar background as yours and although I am still working, am now in a process of selling most of my FF gear and investing in a smaller and lighter system (OMD) because I am tired of carrying all that weight.

Now, do I want an RX1? Of course I do, who wouldn't. Would I pay the price? Lets see... For this budget I can get a second OMD body for my wife, a 75mm f1.8 and a great vacation in the USA. So for me, the choice is easy. I also have an RX100 and I think that this camera is even more amazing that the RX1, because ultimate IQ is not everything.

My short experience with small sensors is nothing less than amazing and until now I haven't noticed any sacrifice in quality compared to mo FF gear, at leqst for whai i am doing.

I have looked at your galleries and enjoyed very much your photography. Great work. I am not a landscape specialist but sometimes do similar things. Here is one i have shot recently. It is printed on 60cm wide and the print quality is amazing even though it is a small sensor. So believe me, I really don't miss FF anymore.



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