Possible 7D mkII Spec.

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Re: Possible 7D mkII Spec.

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Going from 18 MP to 25 MP really doesn't give you that much more detail especially as it would mean even softer images requiring more sharpening and NR in PP.

My 350D images (8MP) tend to be slightly softer than my 7D pictures (18MP) when printed sufficiently (equally) large, when focus etc is spot-on etc.

So I say your claim is bogous: increasing the amount of megapixels does not mean "softer images", nor the _need_ for more sharpening.


Well, what I intended to say is that increased pixel count yield less sharp images on the *pixel* level. That said, yes a 7D picture has the potential of being sharper than a 350D picture when viewed at the same magnification. I know that my 7D does give me more detail and sharper pictures than my 40D. But at the *pixel* level, my 7D is *less* sharp than my 40D. Why do I care ? Because this shows that increasing the number of pixels is a game of diminishing returns. I don't think that this will change a bit if the MP count is increased from 18 MP to 24 MP. On the contrary. I don't hear anyone asking for a 36 MP APS-C camera. The real world difference between 18 MP and 24 MP isn't significant - especially when the pixels of a 24 MP sensor are bound to be less sharp than a 18 MP camera. I would much rather have a 18 MP camera.

Back in 2000 when I bought the 3 Mp D30, many like you said they did not want more pixels as that would mean more noise. The saying was "you can not change the laws of physics". My next camera, the 10D was 6 Mp and had much less noise. The same has happened again and again with each increase in pixel count. It is good that Canon engineers do not listen to the "less is more" crowd or we would still be stuck at 3 Mp. I do ask for a 36 MP APS-C camera when development permits it with low noise. 24 Mp will do for a while. Canon has produced prototypes that have pixel density equal to 32 Mp and 76 Mp APS-C at high fps. If these produced high noise, why would they bother?


Well, your fine historical perspective seem to ignore the fact that Canon has abandoned the MP-race for quite a few years now and have stayed around the 20MP mark for the last many cameras released be that FF or APS-C. Canon has developed a 100+ MP APS-H sensor. They didn't turn that into a commercial product.

I have never said that 3MP was enough. I always wanted around 18-20 MP for detail.

Canon don't listen to "the crowd". They do proper market research and spend a lot of time and effort talking with knowledgeable pro's and that apparently turn your request for a monster MP camera into...

The 1Dx has less than 20 MP, three processors, an bulky battery, and shoot 12 FPS. Try to extrapolate that into a 76 MP camera. That's not a practical camera.

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