GX1 - thoughts after a week of intense use from a Nikon shooter

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Re: GX1 - thoughts after a week of intense use from a Nikon shooter

bowportes wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

Spotpuff wrote:

Not sure what you mean; the GX1 is older but as far as I know there is no GX2 to replace it yet, just G5 or GF5, neither of which is in the same class cost-wise.

I used the GX1 because it's what I had; I'm not a camera reviewer. Just posting my thoughts on the GX1 and surprises I had coming from DX/FX.

mferencz wrote:

I thought the exact same thing. What is the point in using an older M43 model for comparison sake? Unless it's more conveniant for you take make your point.

What he meant, and I alluded to, was that you reviewed the GX1 and then made this statement

Overall, though, I still had fun using the camera and found it mostly got out of my way when taking photos. I'm sure m43 will continue to evolve over time, and hopefully reach "good enough" in a few years. I'd like to see less MP and more focus on noise issues, though.

The GX1 isn't leading edge m4/3's so your statement that m4/3's isn't yet good enough (or words to that effect) isn't correct if it's based only on the GX1. Both the OMD and the GH3 are most definitely significantly better. If you haven't shot with either then you haven't tried the best m4/3's cameras. It's a bit like me saying the same for the D700 and dismissing full frame when I haven't tried the D800.

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My impression was that he wanted something very small and inexpensive, that contrasted greatly in cost/weight with his existing system. If so, the GX1 fits the bill better than either the OMD (which weighs 50% more, is larger, more expensive, and requires carrying an additional flash) or the GH3 (which is larger and more expensive still). I agree with you though that the concluding comments about "micro 4/3" should have been limited to the GX1 rather than generalized to the entire format.

I guess I should have said "the gx line" will reach good enough.  The OMD is pretty good from what I see, probably because it uses a sony sensor and you can push shadow detail without seeing noise, especially compared to the GX1 (see the link in my comments above).

People in these forums seem to be nitpicky when you post anything resembling a criticism of m43.  Is the OMD "good enough"?  I guess. I had some issues with it when I handled it, but the IQ is quite good.  But like I said, it was also $750 more than what I got the GX1 for. $750 buys a lot of lenses and batteries. And vacations to places to take photos.

Maybe the EPL5 or whatever are ok, too, but I'm not sure if you can get them w/ a lens for $450.

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