Panasonic G3 or Nikon V1?

Started Dec 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Panasonic G3 or Nikon V1?

Jorginho wrote:

When you started to talk about the G3 and its AF you said it was slow and it was P&S like. The impression you try to give here is that it is not good and sluggish. The dpreview review as well as so many others, as you know I am sure, show the complete opposite. You are giving the OP simply the wrong impresion, on puspose, to make it seem like the V1 is much better. Or better even. It is only better in good light when shooting fast moving subjects. Other than that it equal or considerably worse. To my mind you are providing the opening poster a disservice.

Come on - do you expect that anyone here will be fair comparing N1 to any other mirrorless? That's one of main issues with forums - on most of them one can find mostly trolls and fanboys. Most of guys replying here most probably never even had a chance to use G3 other than in shop but that wouldn't stop them from posting BS (and the same happens so often on most of forums I've visited here). I've just picked my G3 with 12-35 and in my current, poorly lit so ISO 1600, location it took a picture instantly. I've tested it in the same situation with N5100 and PK5 (both with 2.8 lens) and G3 was either as fast or faster. There's a lot of things to like or dislike about both G3 and V1 but telling that AF in G3 is on P&S level is just a pure lie

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