Wait for E7 or just get a Nikon D5200 or Pentax K5 II or K30

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Re: Pentax alongside Olympus

sderdiarian wrote:

Hadn't even thought to consider Sigma lenses, being so used to Olympus 4/3's where Sigma doesn't bother to make many lenses (or they're out of production now) given the small market share and Tamron/Tokina don't even bother. I'd honestly forgotten what it must be like to use a system where others make lenses that are compatible!

Pentax deserves a lot of credit for making what I believe are the best bodies in their classes (K-30 and K-5 II) and also offering some fine lenses given the small size of their operation compared to Canon/Nikon/Sony. I'll look into Sigma more based on your tip, and happy hiking/shooting!

Id put Sigma last in a line including Tokina and Tamron 3rd party supplier lenses
do not assume AF performance will be as good as factory lenses
this can already be a little troubling on earlier K5 examples, K30 & K5+ ? its your call

always check out reviews and reader reviews (in forums not at sales points) of lenses as near as you can on the body intended.

I cant say what it would be for K5+ but usually there is a logical path for lens selections and users are a good place to discover that, including what lenses to avoid. Move with some caution as some users have a somewhat rosy view of their gear.

Speaking very generally, Pentax seem to do a much better job of their primes than their zooms. OTOH you likely still need a range of zooms.

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