Why Nikon D700 and studio flash Godox Quicker 600 & Pixel King high speed sync limits to 1/320!

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Re: Why Nikon D700 and studio flash Godox Quicker 600 & Pixel King high speed sync limits to 1/320!

Yes, I "know" the principle of the shutter differencies etc. and high speed sync and that it´s different with speedlights and studio strobes...

I also know that I can "cheat" with long flash durations with cheap flashes but then I loose also a lot of power. But these wasn´t really expensive either...

It´s possible that I have missunderstood the flash duration but why it´s then mentioned in specs 1/5000-1/800? Where does that efect´s on normal 1/200-250 flash shooting?

The recycle time is totally different thing and only to continues shooting speed but doesn´t effect to the flash duration or not (atleast if the flash duration is fast enough + recycle time for the 10 fps)?

And why there is then different flash duration studio strobes available??

Next question is that why the flash then follows the shutter speed perfectly on 1/250 (auto FP) setting but giving black shutter stripe to screen on 1/320. But then when I set 1/320 (auto FP) to camera it follows that perfectly?? Now it feels that if there would be setting with only "auto FP" without any shutter limitations it would still work "perfectly" faster than 1/320??

The purpose why want to have fast flash is for stop motion shots and also for short DOF in studio without ND filters (maybe normally around 1/500).

I knew that I cannot do the stop motion shots fast enough with speedlights but I thought that with these Godox Quicker strobes I could?

I´m not giving up yet befor I test more and I get more comments

Thanks already for the first comments!!

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