Help me scratch my macro itch

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Re: Help me scratch my macro itch

WilbaW wrote:

I've mucked around with all the cheap options with ordinary lenses - tubes, close-ups, lense stacking down to 5:1, reversing (even modified a set of tubes to do auto aperture with a reversed lens), LordV-style homemade flash brackets and diffusers... The 100L had revolutionised my macro shooting. Now I just set up the 60D with a single AF point in AI Servo, and a diffused 270EX II, and go for it. Focus and exposure pretty much take care of themselves all the way down to 1:1. Stable viewfinder, lots of keepers... love it. I don't know of another lens that can do that.

Thanks for your response. Have you tried the non-L 100mm macro? If so, how does it compare to the L version?

What diffuser do you use?

Incidentally, yesterday I tried some macro with my 50mm 1.4 lens reversed (I held it against the camera with my left hand. It's a pain in the rear to step down the aperture on the lens, then taking it out, reversing and taking a shot. And every one of my dozen or so shots turned out to be lousy, mostly out of focus. Yes, I'm thinking that I need a real macro lens if I want to give this a second try. I'm tempted to get the Sigma 150mm (non OS version).

I haven't really tried the 100L with tubes, close-ups, and extenders. It does mount fine with a Kenko 1.4, but I haven't tested AF like that. I'll keep that in mind to try out while I take a break over the festive season.

I've used the non-L 100mm lens with the 1.4x, and as expected AF is slower, but otherwise works fine. But I've never tried the 1.4x + extension tubes.

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