NOT OK: R3000 second print (ABW) - lot of regular linear scratches... :(

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Re: On the ink densities...

I'm responding to your surprise when getting 'apparent' head strikes when printing the last inch or so of the print. When printing to this end region, the paper is not held down by the rollers. This permits the paper to lift up slightly and get struck by the print head--especially at the corners. flattening the paper under a pile of books is useless. It will necessary for you to apply a reverse bend at all  4 corners, you will not just force it flat; you will make sure the pressure applied by your hand will bend the 4 corners slightly backward. This if done satisfactorily will eliminate head strikes both at the beginning and end of printing. Do it or continue suffering!

Please understand thoroughly that the manual is a basic guide--it is not the Bible. Listen to the 'flock' of members on this site--we have walked thru the wilderness, climbed over the mountains and baked in the deserts of 'printer world'. Nothing here is cast in stone! By using a Colormunki (or other device) you can create  a profile for printing on kitchen toweling or toilet paper--or in more familiar terms you can create a profile for glossy paper while specifying Luster or Semi-glossy or even Matte as the media. The media selection affects the quantity of ink that the printer will lay down for given media, the icc/icm profile determines the color correction that will be executed between the image file and the printer head.

Please, step back and take a deep breath. Re-read the suggestions given here, try them again and again. There is no meter running, we will assist you any time you ask.

Remember, this too will pass.

Ciao, irv weiner

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