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Re: Some suggestions...

R2D2 wrote:

Olga Johnson wrote:

AnthonyL wrote:

Unless he means that the image should fill at least half the frame in which case he possibily didn't phrase it quite right.

That's exactly what he meant. You don't want to cut off more than 50% of the image you took because then quality will suffer.

Thanks Olga for the clarification. I hadn't gotten back to this thread 'till now.

To the OP, pay close attention to EVERYTHING Olga posts. In the years that I've been on DPReview she has always been dead on, no lie. A true resource.

A yes I do.  I just made the mistake of paying close attention to what you posted

"You'll never get detailed images by cropping to 100%, especially at greater than base ISO. No current DSLR I've seen is capable of that. I wouldn't crop any further than 50% with the 450D. The best way to increase detail is to fill the frame more (ie get closer)."

As I said I found this confusing and I don't think you really meant to write it the way it has come out.  If you meant not to crop more than half the picture then a 100% crop means to crop the WHOLE picture - doesn't it!  Basic logic.

Anyhow, apart from this momentary confusion as I said in response to your post I don't as a rule resize.

My second question did not get answered and logic tells me that resizing, either up or down, must lose detail:

Are there any circumstances in which resizing gives better detail?

Cropping is not related to resizing. Cropping means you cut off part of an image. A "100% crop", at least when used in this forum, means a piece of your image without any magnification or resizing. Resizing means you alter the dimensions of the whole picture. It is usually used when it is not practical to show a full resolution picture.

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