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Re: Thing 1 and Thing 2

teseg wrote:

WCguy... That is so funny you say that about your wife... My wife doesn't really know how much I spent on this but she suspects a lot. She too had a very "happy for me" expression as I was so excited opening my package. This is the first big unprompted splurge on myself likely since we were married so I think she is very excited for me (and at some point for her, because at some point, months or years out, I'm sure she will hold it over my head too her advantage )

Anyway, interesting to see the exuberance of forum members over this darn camera. I've not been around the camera forum scene long enough to see the same kind of excitement and anticipation as with this RX1.

Well to tell you the truth my wife knew all along that I was getting a new camera but not how much it was going to cost, she asked since I had several others ,why did I need another, no answer did I give, just slipped away quickly.Three months went by and then finally the camera. I paid for it myself with funds I had put aside and when I sat down to show my wife my newest proud possession, she politely asked ,oh and how much did that cost. Over $3000 I said (the stare) and of course the accessories (the head tipping a little back) so about another $1000 I said (the head shake) but its ok I had the money saved I said (another prolonged head shake) but alas I won her over, a big hug and away I went with my proud possession. Whew !       WC

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