Source for OEM Canon Cartridges for the 9000 Mark ii?

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Re: Source for OEM Canon Cartridges for the 9000 Mark ii?

mistermejia wrote:

So they come with a chip on them, but they are not reset already? Doesn't make too much sense to me

Now you are talking a completely different language to me. What is "generate custom ICC profiles" ?? The only thing i do is select the type of paper that the printer drivers show, like glossy plus II or something. I am in the process of buying more paper, like the 13x19 type, and i know there are different types, you got me completely lost now

The chip will be reset but every time you refill the cartridge you need to reset the chip to allow the printer to sense a full cartridge. The chip counts the number of ink drops that were depensed and that is how the ink levels viewed on your monitor are determined. Once it triggers an empty cart you need to refill and reset the chip.

No 3rd party refill ink matches the OEM ink exactly. A lot of us 3rd party ink users around here generate our own custom ICC printer profiles to bring that mismatch of colors back towards matching the OEM ink colors. We use hardware/software packages such as the Xrite ColorMunki "Photo", which costs about $400-450. These profiles are used with photo editing/printing software (Photoshop, Lighttoom, Qimage, and others).

Image Specialists inks match the best without generating custom ICC printer profiles, but not perfectly. It depends how picky you are with your prints. If you are picky then you would need to generate custom profiles. $400 for a ColorMunki buys a lot of OEM ink so only you can dertmine if it is worth it or not.

Look up Jtooman's videos in his last few posts, they tell you all about the profiling.

Here's one for the PRO9000

Bob P.

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