Digital scans -- who needs 120 film?

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Re: Digital scans -- who needs 120 film?

jon404 wrote:

The advice you all gave me, to go to medium format if I want to do film and then scan to digital, is right on the money. And, yes, I can get a medium-format film camera and lens -- make that two lenses -- for a lot less than a new D600. But I'm leaning toward the D600, after we see a full review of it. Digital is immediate, vs a week to send out for scans. And, I can use my old lenses on the D600. The 24 MP image will give me massive cropping ability, and the high ISO will let me run around after twilight even with an older f/4 lens. We'll see!

The D600 will offer much easier use and as you say superior high ISO performance plus the more you shoot the more you save.

I'm not a film users but the impression I get is that unless you really like working with it the main advanatge today is if you want to created a smaller number of very high resolution single shot images more cheaply plus easier access to tilt/shift movements.

In order to see that resolution benefit compaired to something like the D600 though I think you'd need to go towards the larger end of medium format or into Large Format. To take that route the fixed lens Fuji GW 690 rangefinders always looked like the best value to me, thats the largest format its easy to get scanned and the fact the lens is fixed(and so not reuseble for digital) means the price is pretty low, they can be had on ebay for $300-500.

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