Raising the Sony Flash overheating issue again

Started Dec 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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In the old days...

FramerDave wrote:

In the old days the flash capacitors have to be "formed", especially when they are new or after lengthy storage. I don't know whether this is still true these days but worth a try?

You would first let the flash be turned on and ideal for 15 minutes then fire off 5 or 6 succession of FULL power flashes as soon as the ready light comes on. The idea is the capacitors would charge faster after that and to their full potential thus more efficient. I figure more efficient=less heat.

The flashes would dump all the energy in the capacitors, even if you didn't need it. This made for long recycle times. Then they invented thyristor circuitry, which would dump the unneeded power back into the capacitor, thereby shortening the recycle times, especially when the flash was used in a relatively well-lite situation, or when taking a picture of something up-close.

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