On an Island with Olympus: Oh the Pain

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Re: On an Island with Olympus: Oh the Pain

I think what the problem IS; Olympus is really clueless of what it wants to BE.

They can still make good glass; make one pro DSLR and run the prosumer line but I don't think the management understands what is out there or even reads any of these forums.

I bought into Olympus when I was getting back to wedding photography. I used two systems back then; 35mm Nikon 2- lens (WA and small zoom) and a C330/C220 with WA, Normal and Portrait tele) and enough film for either if one camera died and three strobes as one was backup.

I looked at a Canon 350D and a Nikon D70 (my daughter had that one) and stumbled onto to the E500 2-lens kit (and that was built from the ground up).  Instead of doing my homework I went for the most bang for the buck at that time.  I do realize what kit lenses meant and what good glass IS!

So from the E500 I have an E1, E520 and an E30 plus some good glass and 5 (Fl50's 2-old and 3-R's) plus whatever I need and an assistant that urged me back to weddings.

Evidentially Olympus does not, or care not to read their own ads (print or web) and having a pro site.

I realize they are a niche  and closed camera system not unlike some computer OS's.  I really was taken aback from this thread and did a quick search for an extra quantum cable which is no longer in production.

When I decide to switch it will be a gradual process and probably when a camera or flash fails that I will look into another system that will be more viable.

Just my own thoughts.


Lou Cioccio

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