Do all steadycams have the floating effect?

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Practice on technique

compositor20 wrote:

I have seen many steadycam videos and some of them just look stable when the cameraman is walking but there are others that have a fantastic effect that it looks like it is floating...

Can cheap EBAY steadycam like the one linked below do that effect?

It would be used in wedding videos.


I noticed this years ago.  It is the yaw and pitch that is causing that.  Vertical and horizontal movement is not the only thing you have to master. If you can stop or minimize the yaw and pitching, you will greatly reduce this effect. That would mean a lot of practice. Practice, practice, practice!

I also found out that if the camera has it's own stabilizer, this effect is greatly reduced. However, there is no substitute to practice, especially if the camera does not have it's own stabilizer, which, more often, is the case.

In some instances, this effect is even desired if to make a dreamy effect. In many cases, viewers don't notice this, as they are more concentrated on the content or the viewing experience itself.

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