Oly 75-300 VS Pana 100-300 on a O-MD body..any experiences/suggestions/recmomendations??

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In my Comparison Panny 100-300mm is the Big Winner

X_Holger wrote:

I wasn't satisfied with the accuracy of the AF on the 100-300, it missed the correct focus quite often and I had to reshoot subjects.

Wow! Sounds like your version and the one I'm using with my E-M5 are totally different. My E-M5 seems to nail the focus with the Panny 100-300mm every time. In fact I've been getting many compliments about how sharp my images are using the 100-300mm.

I did put duct tape over the Panny's stabilization switch to lock it in the off position, and rely soley on the E-M5 to stabilize my shots.

Above 200mm the Oly is sharper than the Panny, and 75-300 is more versatile than 100-300.

Again, I'm shocked. The Panny 100-300mm is very sharp, and the E-M5 delivers lot's of fine detain even out to 300mm. I don't doubt the the Oly is also sharp but I would like to know how you determined which one is sharper.

Then again the Panny can shoot @ f5.6 at 300mm and the Oly can't do better than f6.7 at 300mm.

This may not seem like much but it does help to sperate the subject from the background.

Are you saying the Oly is more "versatile" because it can shoot between 75-99mm and the Panny can not shoot that 25mm?  I have never felt a need for that extra 25mm on the wide end.

I had a special offer for the 75-300 so the price didn't hurt too much.

The $300 difference in the MSRP makes the Oly 60% more expensive without any rebates. The price difference is more that I paid for my 45mm (with rebate)

I'm sure that the Oly is a fine lens, and I probably would have bought the Oly IF the Oly didn't cost $300 more without built in stabilization, Panny includes a lens hood, Panny includes a lens bag, and according to the f stops the Oly is a slower lens. The size and build quality is better on the Oly but IMHO Panny in this comparison seemed to be a much better value. I'm very happy with the results from my version of the Panny 100-300mm.

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