Examples of sharp pictures with XP1 / XE1

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Re: Examples of sharp pictures with XP1 / XE1

justinwonnacott wrote:

Silkypix followed by Gimp .... well they look pretty good, but the first one (street scene) seems to have that "smoothed over" look that I usually associate associate with NR , although it is clearly a sharply focused capture. I wish my processing looked as good in general.

There is some, but since it fits into the overall look of this photo, I left it as it is. If there was a problem, I would have to process the RAW file with Silkypix, set noise reduction to minimum, etc.

Am I imagining this? When the image is sharply focused the images from this sensor look good but when something is out of focus the problems with artifacts etc seem to be visible. Slightly out of focus grass for example, or skin, or regular textures often look ...... questionable.

No matter what you use, you will have artifacts when you, or "helpful" software/firmware, will try to sharpen something that is genuinely blurry. If you don't want things to be blurry, close the aperture, and your depth of field will expand, hopefully covering them. If this isn't achievable in given conditions, or you actually want them to be blurry, you should "convince" processing software that it should not try to "fix" those things.

Usually just avoiding excessive filtering is sufficient. But sometimes the only way to get rid of obnoxious artifacts while preserving optimal processing of things you want to sharpen, is to create two or even three layers -- say, Silkypix sharp, Silkypix minimal sharpness, and JPEG, then set opacity and edit alpha to get different parts of the image with different amount/types of filtering. Gimp does that easily, I am sure, Photoshop is just as usable for this purpose.

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