Source for OEM Canon Cartridges for the 9000 Mark ii?

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Re: Source for OEM Canon Cartridges for the 9000 Mark ii?

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Just picked up the Canon 9000 Mark ii based on reading so many of your posts here. Planning on picking up a second one.

I realize that Canon cartridges have a limited life for refills. (I'm told only about five times.)

Question: Are there any good sources for blank/empty original Canon CLI-8 ink cartridges at affordable prices? I think I saw one online somewhere where they charged about $45 for a set of eight empties. That's quite a bit it seems - and that's not including shipping. And do I need to flush out the empties of the dried ink or is it OK to just refill right away using the German method?

I searched on ebay but am not sure if I had the correct search terms.

And for the bonus question....are Hobbicolors on ebay good quality ink for refilling the CLI-8 cartridges?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Ive had my 9000 MKII for 2 years and doing my own refills. I know some of my cartridges have been refilled well over five times. You can get empty OEM cartridges and ink here:

PC inks are the closest match to Canon OEM inks. OCP inks cost even less and are very good. With OCP inks you will have to create profiles for each paper used. OCP ink is available here:

The PC cartridges come with a removable plug, flushed and ready to refill. You will also need a chip resetter to do your own. I cant comment on Hobbicolors ink as I have no experience with there inks.

Thank you for these links. Question, personally i have never purchased non original canon ink/cartridges. I just read the procedure on how to refill the cartridges, and it says that in case the provided white plastic plugs do not fit, then drill a 5/32" hole.

My question is this: When you drill don't pieces of plastic get into the container therefore clogging up or damaging the cartridge?? It sounds like it a bit less expensive to go thru this route, but it sure sounds like is a bit problematic to go thru all this. Do you guys run into problems here and there sometimes by doing this by yourselves? I guess some of you choose to do this, but at what cost really?

I am new to this, as i said i have always purchased the original ink, but i would sure like to SAVE money on the stupid expensive ink. At the same time i noticed that i also have to buy a chip resetter and battery for it? And since i have two different printers i guess i will have to buy two of those resetters? What is your opinion on this?

Thank you!

I remove the Factory refill BALL plug and replace it with a refill plug for Canon. No real need to drill.

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