Looking for a good walk about lens for D800

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Re: Looking for a good walk about lens for D800

Well, all that means is that the 35mm f2 AIs would test out even better in the center and at the edges if I was shooting charts, doesn't it?

I'm not sure of the mental gymnastics required to make the jump from worse resolution to better as shown by the Photozone charts, but congratulations on that :^)

Since the 35mm is a little dodgy at the edges for what I print, the not-as-good 24-85 (and BTW, I compared two sameple before I bought mine to make sure I didn't get a dud) is not good enough for my purposes. I never said it was not good enough for everyone.


Anyway, bottom line for me is that I can get better resolution out for the D800 with a 30 year old prime than with the 24-85.

Some proof of that would be nice. Here's the center to mid of the 24-85VR vs the 60G Micro.

Not sure

Which is which

If you crop the edges, the 24-85 is sharper than the 60 at the edges at infinity.  Center to mid a complete tossup at.

That said, the 35mm is a little hard to zoom

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