18-55mm Depth of Field at 55m F4

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Re: A couple of questions...

Yes, I also sometimes wonder about whether to just go prime only. Fast primes with attractive bokeh are, in some ways, the Ferraris of photographic optics.  But for a family man there is a case to made for owning a good general purpose vehicle.  For me, if the optics meet a certain standard, the zoom would make sense for outings with the family and the IS would make it a useful tool for many situations that require more depth of field but rule out a tripod.  For example if I went to a night market here I'd use the fast primes for photographing people but at times might switch to the zoom for photographing produce on the stalls where the IS would allow me to balance a slow shutter speed and stopped down aperture to keep the iso within acceptable limits.

In terms of my full frame kit the Canon 85 1.2L is like the 458 Italia and calls to me like a siren but in reality the 24-70 is the workhorse that takes the majority of my images.  So I have the zoom and an 85 1.8 rather than the prime (someday maybe....) and I drive a 20 year old Toyota which gets the family from A to B just fine

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