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Re: EM5 at 70mm and Nex-7 at 95mm (EFL 140mm) 3:2 Ratio

blue_skies wrote:

LTZ470 wrote:

Nex-7 Original:!i=2265362748&k=z88RTqQ&lb=1&s=O


EM5 Original:!i=2265363409&k=cxt26jC&lb=1&s=O

ISO seems more believable: 1/160, f8, 100 versus 1/250, f8, 200. I don't know why you did not use M mode for all parameters, as the re-framing may have biased metering in both shots, so it remains a puzzle to derive specifics. Both images seem reasonably exposed.

The Nex image seems in need of sharpening - this is typical of what I would put into my pp flow.

The EM-5 image seems over-sharpened - this is typical of what I get out of my pp flow if the sharpening parameters are set too high.

Similar applies to contrast and brightness. The Nex image seems to be more realistic, in terms of color and rendering, the EM-5 seems the output of pp settings (to one's liking). A good example is the low-lights in the EM-5 image - they have already been pulled up.

I can also see the higher DOF in the EM-5 image (stones on back wall through window) - but this may also be over-sharpening related as well.

Point that I take away from this is that the EM-5 is already JPG-optimized, which is not a great starting point for a pp flow. (You cannot unsharp, resample, sharpen, without causing artifacts, e.g.) The Nex image, being more neutral, is very friendly for a pp flow (I use this myself).

Again, if you don't like the pp flow, you can change the in-camera settings to produce an image similar to the EM-5.

When I go into 'original' view, I don't see the proper resolution. Are these already downsampled images (in which case the Nex sharpening info is lost)?

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Yes you have to use the Original Link Henry, I threw the others in there for kicks...

I don't think that is the best that the Nex-7 can do here, I should have used Focus peaking...all the other photos were even softer...

Yes, the EM5 look over processed SOOC and Nex-7 under processed...going to work on both settings and repeat...

Going to shoot the 16 f/2.8 against the Oly 12mm f/2 as well...just for fun...

I had a hard time getting the Nex-7 to AF on the rocks?...had to zoom in/out and back and forth and I do not believe it was properly focussed...I couldn't tell when I was taking the shots, going to use Focus Peaking next round as well to compare...

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