Kiron 70-210 F4 MACRO 1:4 ZOOM LOCK on K-30 queries and several photos

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Kiron 70-210 F4 MACRO 1:4 ZOOM LOCK on K-30 queries and several photos


Only got a short chance to try and use my 'new' (it is like new) Kiron 70-210 today. The winter light was setting in also.

It took me a while to work out how to focus to infinity or close to and I have to 'lock' one of the rings into the MACRO position in order to do so.

I have searched high and low for a manual for the Kiron and cannot find one. I would like to know how to use the MACRO mode on it. I'm fine with the aperture ring adjacent the camera body and the ZOOM lock.

If you notice that one of the photographs is vignetted and I was wondering can this be avoided or do I have to rely on PhotoShop?

MF is fantastic fun, I don't find the focus peaking in Live View very useful. I find all this tedious and slow. I just used the viewfinder although it still locked focus with a little red box.

Glad I never bought the 'I am' brand!

The following were all hand held (except the stars) although I forgot to increase the ISO in the dim light conditions.



Pentax K-30
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