How Long to Let Calibration Prints Dry Using Colormunki

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Re: How Long to Let Calibration Prints Dry Using Colormunki

ronzie wrote:

I choose to let the second print dry overnight as well. I requested from X-Rite that they include that in future versions. In letting the both prints dry be sure you place them in a dark area as light can effect them for perhaps the first half hour after they are printed.

It can be done with this procedure for the second print without letting the CMP software running for the second drying time:

After the second print is complete just use the steps to quit out of it. Don't use the back button. After your print has dried start the CMP application with the resume option choice used as if you are going to print the second sample. When the print driver comes up cancel out of it and hit next. If you have a problem that way just leave the printer off line and kill the document in the print queue. Clicking next once or twice should advance you to the step where the second print is read.

I am using the Win version 1.1.1. Update to that from the product page if not current as it removes the restriction on "multiple seats" number of installs. That version appears to be the last issued.

Remember to use the same profile preferences and name on the second run.

I also suggest you experiment with the optimization feature. You can use if you wish test images from here: sized to 8x10 without any modification in the editor except to insure the chosen color space is used. I also from the BW test images made a large gray scale extracted from one of those to see if I could get rid of a slightly green cast in the lower gray levels. It worked but then I got a bit a black compression. I took care of that in my editor with soft proofing using the curves function or other luminance adjustments.

I also suggest as in the manual when reading the prints with the device place a white sheet of paper or coated white cardboard under the print samples to prevent your surface color from showing through the print media. I tape that second sheet to my desk surface so it will not move under the test print.

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Ron thats what I was trying to figure out, a way to make the second print and read it the next day.



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