Working with the Canon EOS 1DX alongside with the Nikon D4

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Re: I'm very curious to see your conclusion

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

jeminijoseph wrote:

The only issue I had with D4 is that at times D4 just stop looking for the subject. There won't be anything in the focus but camera won't do anything. If I move the lens away from the subject then it will focus again. I had the same issue with D300. Is it because I'm using AF-C or static subject? I never use AF-S. I can't say I see the issue with moving subjects that often, but it happens. Is that the issue you have? Or is that the focus accuracy in all situations?

Anyway looking forward to see your conclusion.

Do you have auto focus delay set to "OFF"?

Yes, I have it off. Thanks for the suggestion.

This is custom setting A3 I believe and it defaults ON (normal) which I personally think is stupid. It purposely delays the tracking speed of the Nikon cameras, and when turned off, tracking performance increases significantly if the subject is changing distance. That would be the very first thing to check. The D300 has this too.

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