Looking for a good walk about lens for D800

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Re: Looking for a good walk about lens for D800

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

I'm not sure what you are saying here. My testing on the D800E shows that the 35mm f2 AIs outresolves the 24-85 VR in the center of the frame and smokes it in the corners with both lenses at f5.6. So, no, the 24-85 is not up to the resolution of the D800E, because the D800E is capable of resolving more with better optics on it. Whether or not the 24-85 is good enough for one's purposese is an entirely different question (I would say that generally it will be).

This is simply flat out wrong. Do your research. The 24-85VR has 3899 lwph at 24mm at f8 which is higher than the Nikon 35D or the Zeiss 21 for that matter:


Nikon has some little idea of how to build a lens, and this one has the right set of compromises for a small zoom intended for a high res sensor. If sharp corners are needed, crop or put on a prime, as I already said.

As well, the 24-85 passes the 400% pixel viewing test, wherein it it shows clearly defined stairsteps at 400%, indicating that the lens has done its job and is now out of the resolution equation.Want higher resolution, buy a 50MP camera. Simple.

Nice try, though.

Well, all that means is that the 35mm f2 AIs would test out even better in the center and at the edges if I was shooting charts, doesn't it?  Since the 35mm is a little dodgy at the edges for what I print, the not-as-good 24-85 (and BTW, I compared two sameple before I bought mine to make sure I didn't get a dud) is not good enough for my purposes.   I never said it was not good enough for everyone.

Anyway, bottom line for me is that I can get better resolution out for the D800 with a 30 year old prime than with the 24-85.  That said, the 35mm is a little hard to zoom

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