What camera settings hold D800 frame rate below 4fps?

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Re: What camera settings hold D800 frame rate below 4fps?

FrankG wrote:

jfriend00 wrote:

I'm renting a D800 and am not getting anywhere near 4fps shooting RAW (12-bit, lossless compressed). I remember reading somewhere that there are some camera settings that will inhibit the frame rate and hold it below 4fps. Can anyone point me to a list of camera settings that affect the frame rate?

FYI, I'm talking only about short bursts of frames that do not fill the buffer (e.g. 5-6 frames at a time) so the CF card speed shouldn't matter.

Having read all the above discussion the only other things that I can think of that nobody has mentioned are temperature and battery status. A near flat battery can cause the frame rate to drop and also mentioned in the D800 manual is the possibility that very low temperature can cause a slowing in frame rate (doesn't say how low the temp would need to be to cause this though - anyone know the answer?).

It occurs to me also that as a near flat battery can cause the problem perhaps also an old/near worn out or faulty battery could also maybe cause such a problem - just speculation but maybe possible. Would have been worth trying a replacement battery just in case.

That's a worthy speculation I guess.  The battery was freshly charged for each shoot and would do 4fps in my office with the lights off, just not on the soccer field.  The temperature was in the high 50s (not particularly cold).  I didn't have a second battery since this was a rental and it's a different battery style than my other Nikon's take.

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